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real-estateAshby St. Outdoor can provide additional income for your currently owned commercial property or property you intend to acquire. We can meet the needs of your property or business by using one of the following methods of land acquisition:

Land Lease – We lease a small portion of your property to place a billboard on and pay you a annual payment.
Easement – We purchase a permanent easement on your property to place a billboard and pay you a single up front lump sum amount.
Land Purchase – We also buy small properties with existing billboards on them or properties that have the potential for billboards to be placed on them.

*Ashby St. Outdoor primarily uses these methods for acquiring land to install signs. If one of these methods do not meet your needs, we can work with you to find a solution that fits your individual situation.

Some of the information we will need is outlined below. If you do not know the parcel number and zoning, we can find that information for you.

  • Land Owner
  • Address
  • County
  • Parcel Number
  • Zoning

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For properties in Arkansas or Oklahoma, contact Adam Samuels at
For properties in Wichita, contact David Mollhagen at

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