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TriVision displays are an excellent option if you’re looking for increased exposure and visibility in a particular market.They offer a slightly different approach to outdoor advertising in that they can carry up to three messages on a single board and each message is rotated through every 8 seconds.

Additionally, the very act of rotating through each creative boosts visibility capture and engagement from your audience. Combine this eye-catching functionality with a powerful creative, and you have a recipe for success with your campaign.

Since each TriVision display can support up to three ads on its panels, it’s common that three advertisers will share the same space while their ads are evenly rotated through at a set time interval.

Alternatively, a single advertiser can utilize all three panels using a technique called “storyboarding”. This is when you use all three TriVision panels to tell a story about your company, product or service using the Intro – Value Proposition – Conclusion format. This can be a powerful tool for advertisers who are looking to take a different approach in controlling their message and want to convey more information than can be contained on a single billboard.

To determine which approach is best for your unique situation, give Ashby St. Outdoor a call today. Our team of outdoor experts is here to assist you with choosing the right advertising product for your marketing goals.

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