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Aside from displaying your message differently, you might wonder what the advantages of digital billboards are over traditional billboards.  You might also be surprised to hear that there are many unique advantages by going digital when compared to traditional vinyl billboards.

With traditional vinyl billboards you’ll have to design and produce the creative. This costs money and time, and just shy of replacing the creative if your message changes, your message will remain relatively permanent.  With digital, you have more flexibility and control when it comes to your message and you’ll be able to change it faster as the need arises.  Additionally, our digital inventory is located in very high traffic areas for maximum market coverage.

The Benefits of Going Digital

Some other benefits of going digital include:

  • Immediate delivery of your message that can be updated weekly or even hourly
  • Unlimited creatives allow you to showcase more aspects of your products and services
  • Eliminate printing costs and production delays
  • 24/7 coverage
  • Premium placement in the highest traffic areas
  • High level of flexibility in displaying your message

Leveraging the Benefits of Digital

So, what are some ways you can use these leverage these advantages when going digital?  You can:

  • React faster to current events making your ad extremely relevant while avoiding additional artwork, production costs and delays
  • Build urgency with your audience by offering countdowns for sales events or new product launches
  • If you have specials that change frequently, going digital is a great option to accommodate them
  • If your message changes frequently, you should choose digital over permanent or rotary bulletins
  • If you have promotions that update frequently, digital would be a great choice

If you have questions about whether a digital billboard would be the best approach in planning your campaign, Ashy St. Outdoor’s team is here to assist you with determining the best approach.  Contact us today.

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