Why Outdoor Advertising is Effective

billboards-effectiveWith the vast array of advertising channels available, it’s important understand the effectiveness of those you choose to work with. Billboard advertising is no exception to this rule. Thankfully, billboard advertising is very effective because it offers unique advantages both to the advertiser and their target audience.



Billboard Advertising Starts the Conversation and Creates Brand Awareness

Billboard advertising is an ideal way to get people talking about your brand and generate immediate awareness of the products or services you offer. Seeing a billboard once has little impact. But imagine the same massive audience seeing the same billboard day after day for a period of weeks, months or years. Your brand and your message will eventually start to stick in people’s minds and brand engagement usually follows.

It is this static, unchanging presence people see while on the way to work, dropping the kids off at school or driving to the baseball game that cements your brand into their minds and sets you apart from your competition. Subconsciously your message is creating trust and authority in the minds of your audience, and when the time comes to make a purchasing decision, people are more likely to remember you as being the “go to” company for their needs.

With Billboard Advertising, People Will See Your Message, Guaranteed

The great thing about billboards is that they are a form of interruption marketing and cannot be avoided. They compel your viewers to stop what they’re doing and take action. Also, because they’re an attention-grabbing part of the scenery in busy areas, they often stand out to people long enough to get your message across, consistently, every time.

Because the most effective billboards quickly communicate your brand’s message, people can’t help but see your message and take it in. With time, your billboard message resonates, your brand is perceived as an authority and your phone starts ringing.

Billboard Advertising is Strategically Located and Highly Targeted

With Ashby St Outdoor, you have many options when it comes to choosing where and how to display your message. Different advertising locations provide different levels of visibility and you have complete freedom in choosing where and how your brand is displayed to your audience. You also have the freedom in choosing which audience to display to.

You can target specific audiences or very broad audiences depending on your needs. You can choose exactly where to position your brand in order to reach the most desired demographics such as age, income, location, gender and hobbies. At Ashby St. Outdoor, we have a broad and diverse inventory of locations to choose from to showcase your brand to the ideal audience.

Billboard advertising has been and will continue to be a very effective channel in a company’s marketing arsenal. Give Ashby St. Outdoor a call today and let’s figure out the best outdoor advertising solution for your goals.

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